Tim Ninowski brings a unique set of expertise, combined with real life experience, to his business as a Financial Representative.  It's this unique blend that allows him to truly relate with clients and provide them guidance that's based on firsthand knowledge.

Upon graduating from Bradley University with a degree in Finance and International Business, Tim worked as an analyst with Andersen Consulting.  It was here that he was first exposed to the field of litigation support.  Being drawn to the relationship aspect of the industry, he took a role with a large national organization and quickly made his way to the top of their business development unit.  It wasn't long, however, that his entrepreneurial spirit saw the opportunity to provide clients with a much more comprehensive and service driven solution.  He ultimately left to start his own company, and for nearly twelve years, ran one of the fastest growing and most successful eDiscovery companies in the Midwest.

When Tim sold his company in early 2012, he knew the direction he wanted to go for the second half of his professional career.  "I always had a love for finance, and knew that one day I would be in the field.  As a client of Northwestern Mutual for over fifteen years, I knew the power of having a financial representative that truly worked to understand my needs, as well as a company with the financial strength, security and integrity to not only weather, but shine in today's economy" Tim says.  "There was no question as to where I wanted to build my practice and ultimately finish my career".

Starting, growing and selling a successful business, while also raising and planning for a family of three children, provides Tim with a unique 'experience driven' approach to his practice.  "I know the pain and fears that not only the traditional individual or family goes through, but also those of the closely held business owner.  I use my personal background to help educate and guide my clients to make decisions that will not only benefit them now, but well into the future."  he says, "To me, it's about finding what's really important to someone, and helping them execute a plan that helps them to reach their goals.  I love what I do because I know my work truly makes a difference in people's lives."

Tim Ninowski specializes in working with people in the legal and financial marketplaces, as well as entrepreneurs and owners of closely held companies.  Working with these individuals and families gives Tim the ability to transfer his conviction for the importance of the work he does to clients who can, and will, benefit the most. 



Years of Experience

Representing Northwestern Mutual since 2013.

Timothy J Ninowski, CLU®

Financial Representative


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